The COBOL data structure analysis tool (DOWNLOAD page)

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The original requirement to view the Licence no longer applies. However, the new code is still Freeware, rather than Public Domain, so we recommend you read the licence using the tool menu. If you disagree with the licence terms, uninstall the software.

There are some pre-requisites you will need in order to run the tool:

* - The .Net framework (3.5 SP3 or better) must be installed on the machine you intend to run it on.

* - The possible conflict between Fujitsu NetCOBOL RTS and NetCOBOL for .Net RTS, no longer applies because the new component is written entirely in C#.

You MUST be registered and logged in before you will be able to download. (The button below becomes enabled once you have successfully logged on.)

(TELL US if you have ANY problems downloading, installing, or running this package.)