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PowerCOBOL Migration

The original intention of this tool was to provide a PLATFORM where people who were manually migrating their legacy PowerCOBOL projects could have PowerCOBOL sheets (forms) automatically generated into Windows Forms, and get ALL of the existing scriptlets (COBOL legacy) "brought across" into the Windows environment as a single OO Class for each Form. The action of wiring event methods to the new Form and replacing references to PowerCOBOL controls, with references to the new controls on the new Forms (Transformation), was expected to be done manually.

We've come a long way since then...  happyface

Today, Transformation is performed automatically against any number of controls on a Form.  A provided "GUI Support" Class applies the required actions requested by the transformed code, on the new Windows Forms controls.

PRIMA is a small company and we have limited resources to provide support for ALL the POSSIBLE PowerCOBOL controls, so we chose to support the most used ones. The table below shows what is supported "out-of-the-box", but remember that it is possible to ADD further support if you need it. (Only registered copies can be enhanced.)

PCOB2NET Version: - Implemented controls/objects/functions
control type/object
control type/object
level  (%)
Sheet Form 100% MAIN and SUB-Forms are supported. "Caption" becomes "Text" automatically.
Arrays Arrays of Controls 100% ListView Arrays are NOT currently supported
Check Box CheckBox 100%  
COBOL CALL passed through 100% Support is provided for both static and dynamic CALLs.
COBOL COPY pre-processed by the tool 100% #INCLUDE is passed through to NetCOBOL.
Combo Box ComboBox 100%  
Command Button Button 100%  
in PowerCOBOL!
New Windows

(We recommend replacing all grid type PowerCOBOL controls with this, and the tool can do it automatically for you.)

it's here now!

You have the option, at no cost to you. Go with DGV (much richer and "future proof") or stay with the old controls.
This control provides advanced list and cell manipulation.
(It can optionally replace List Box, List View, and Table controls.) DGV supports icons, Data binding, and checkboxes for ALL of the above. It also supports "Numeric(a)" columns and supports the PowerCOBOL "EnsureVisible" method.
DisplayMessage WinAPI 100%  
Embedded SQL (ESQL) passed through 100% The PowerCOBOL database and ADO controls are currently not implemented and would need CUSTOM* support.
EVENTS see "Wiring", below 100% The WinForm recognizes and responds to the SAME events as the PCOB sheet
EXTERNAL Shared objects 100% Fields are shared automatically across Forms
Form Cookie Cookie 100%  
Form manipulation Form handling 100% OPENFORM, CALLFORM, and CLOSEFORM are fully supported as in PowerCOBOL.
Flat file support passed through 100%  
Frame GroupBox 100%  
GLOBAL Object Storage 100%  
Group Box GroupBox 100%  
Image PictureBox 100%  
ISAM file support passed through 100% you can migrate these files to an optimized 3NF RDB with another part of the Migration toolset.
Label Label 100%  
List Box ListBox 70% icons are not supported (see DGV, above)
We recommend upgrading to DGV which is 100%
List View ListView/DataGrid
70% Standard reporting modes are supported. For manipulations with headings/sorting/edits etc., we recommend DataGridView (see above).Numeric(a) fields are handled as strings.* "EnsureVisibility" method is not implemented.
MCI CUSTOM* 5% Control is recognised but not supported.
Menus Menus 100%  
Procedures (NON-event) passed through 100% NE procedures become methods in the new code-behind.
Progress Bar ProgressBar 100%  
Radio/Option button RadioButton 100%  
SQL Host Variables SQL 100% EXTERNAL HVs are shared across Forms if required.
Static Text Label 100%  
TAB TabControl 100% Needs manual help during Form Design.
Table TableLayoutPanel 50% May require further CUSTOM* GUI Support.
Text Box TextBox 100%  
Third Party Controls Same control in WinForms. (COM/ActiveX) 100% Attributes and methods of the TPC are handled by the PRIMA GuiSupport Class in .Net. Functionality under PowerCOBOL and .Net is identical.
Timer Timer 100%  
Tool Bar ToolStrip 50% May require further CUSTOM* GUI Support.
Tree View/Nodes TreeView 60% Control is recognised and Nodes are treated as Foreign Objects, but will require further CUSTOM* GUI Support.
Wiring for events Windows wiring 100% The tool detects all PowerCOBOL events and wires support for them into the generated WinForm.
* Things flagged as "CUSTOM" CAN be added fairly easily and we would work with you to achieve it. Anything NOT in the list above would take longer, but we don't know of anything that "cannot be done".

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