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PRIMA Computing - what we stand for and our main areas of business

PRIMA provides software products, consultancy, and general support and advice on IT management and software development.

The company was first registered in Europe in 1983 but has moved to be NZ based and registered. PRIMA is a "virtual software house". We have connections to many subject matter experts around the world and there is a frequent flow of information in and out of the Company.

Our primary interests are as follows:

* - Modernizing COBOL legacy code (Migration Toolset)
* - Modernizing the data resources (Flat files to optimized, normalized RDB)
* - Bespoke software components and systems
* - Protecting your software investment from piracy.
* - Providing a migration path for PowerCOBOL projects to bring them into .Net as true Windows applications.
* - Business relationships with small/medium companies, and Public agencies looking for maximum value

... of course, we are happy to talk to you about any IT support or "trouble shooting/problem solving" you may require.


PRIMA has a diverse range of products and is developing new software as time and resources permit. Our top priority is to existing clients and ensuring that the products they have purchased are bug free and comfortable to use. As a small company, we make the best use of the resources that we have and many of the tools we offer were originally developed for our own use, to help us work smarter and faster.

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Clients who purchase or lease our major products will receive free basic support for those products. However, we have extensive experience in many application areas and we can advise or suggest alternatives and options in the areas where you are using our tools. This is true consultancy support and we make a reasonable annual or ad hoc charge for it. It is never mandatory and we will never let people using our tools fail, whether they have a consultancy agreement or not. However, many clients have found our support and advice to be worth far more than we charge for it.

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Client comment

We can honestly say we have never had an unsatisfied client. Our commitment does not end when you buy our tools or packages. We work as partners with our clients to ensure a successful outcome. All of the experience gained from these projects is then incorporated into improving and enhancing the tools.

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