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*  “…what a fantastic job you’ve done!”

BTW... I’ve just finished successfully generating all the LMG and DAL objects (outside of the few blowing up as per the last note I sent).  I really do get a bit of a buzz every time I pick 8 or 10 items, hit the button, and seconds later have it tell me it’s generated and delivered all the compiled programs!  Hats off again mate, what a fantastic job you’ve done!


I started up the video tutorial and got completely caught up following along, and doing my own transformation on another program right along with you.  The one I picked was fairly complex, but I was able to easily deal with things and bring everything to a successful conclusion in my first go at it.

THIS IS BLOODY MARVELOUS!!!  (and I’m not just talking about the toolset J).  You’ve done an excellent job of presenting the process – it makes it so easy to understand.   Add to that the VERY impressive way this works… and I’m totally BLOWN AWAY!!!! 

*  The best solution of all!

Hi Pete;

Your suggested solution turned out to be the best solution of all, so thanks again for this, and for your persistent supportive approach.  I’ve had to do some serious tweaking, but now have this “named pipe” server running as a handler for all the requests, and the client portion is embedded of course in my web app code-behind.  After some refinement it works great. That’s a load off and I’m almost there.  Before I go further, I want to honor the fact that your help and support cannot be free and ask you to suggest what you might accept as a reasonable ‘incident’ charge. 

(PRIMA took no money for this. We like to see Clients succeed.)

*  …optimum solutions to a problem.

…As always, PRIMA has done some very impressive work.  I have to say I truly respect/appreciate the way you refuse to let anything get in the way of finding optimum solutions to a problem.

Ol Glory

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*  …try out the process.

Pete -
Thank you for getting back to us so quickly on all of this!  We really appreciate it!
In response to your last questions….

1. Can you tell me if you have any thoughts about which of the options I offered you would be your likely choice (I’m assuming you don’t want the task outsourced)?

Regarding which option we will go with, I’m really not sure at this point but if I had to guess I’d say that we will end up doing the lease option…I think the purchase option is also a possibility but the decision will not be made until we’ve had a chance to try out the process and see how it might fit best within our current procedures, etc.

2. Have you seen the 5 cent tour video on data conversion?

Yes, I have seen the 5-cent video and was impressed by it….it does a good job of showcasing the product in a logical, methodical manner.

*  Totally supportive and professional

A big effort now successfully completed. Your tools are amazing. PRIMA has been nothing less than totally supportive and professional. Thanks.

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*  …No job is too hard.

We have worked with Prima for over 10 years, supplying us with standard and custom software components for us to integrate into our application software. No job is too hard and invariably the documentation is also comprehensive and excellent. Likewise, support is also outstanding.

*  …under budget with extra unexpected improved functionality

A complex project to convert old data files from Fujitsu COBOL ISAM to SQL Server, including routines to automatically convert our application software, was completed under budget and with extra unexpected improved functionality. No-one else could be found on the Internet to do more than part of the project let alone all of it.