PRIMA Services

bending over backwards

PRIMA Computing, (NZ) Ltd is committed to supporting the products we provide, but we don't make a business out of support services.

If you buy/lease any of our major products there is an implicit contract that we will do our utmost to see you succeed. We'll help you understand the use of our software, see you are comfortable with it and try to ensure you get the best possible value from it.
If you find problems or flaws in the Tools you have purchased/leased from us, we fix it as a matter of top priority.


BUT it goes further.

If you need specific tailored enhancements, we will be happy to talk to you and will provide a fixed price and delivery date. We treat you fairly and quotes are based on the actual amount of work required. Sometimes this is very small and significant enhancements can be done for very reasonable cost, other times it is major and the cost reflects this.

We are happy to use our very extensive general IT experience to help you with any aspect of what you are proposing to do, whether it involves our tools or not. Use us as a soundng board for ideas, a source for suggested approaches, as a "viability auditor" for proposed projects, as an unbiased, fair, mediator when there are conflicts of interest, and as an outsource when you need high tech help or assistance with producing ancillary components and code, which are not part of your main development.

If you enter into a basic Support contract with us, it entitles you to all of the above.


* - Consultancy and advice

    We don't always charge for this. If we can help, we will. The basic Service/Support Contract covers discussion and general enquiries. If your case requires formalization with a written report, we would charge for the time involved in preparing it.

* - Support for PRIMA products

    This is always FREE for the life of the product. If it is flawed or broken we'll fix it promptly and effectively at no charge to you.

* - Software support and consultancy for Migration generally

    Migration is usually a large task and, although our tools can fully automate it, there are often site-specific components and functions that are needed to make it quicker or otherwise enhance the quality of it. Although your on-site team COULD write these things, the general idea is that you want them deployed for as short a time as possible on Migration. PRIMA will gladly act as additional resource to provide these site-specifc things. We offer you a really advantageous discounted programming rate, if you have either bought our products and/or signed up for Support, and all work is undertaken on a fixed price basis so there are no surprises. Any site-specific work we do for you carries the same guarantee as our own software: If it is broken we will fix it, for the life of the software (as long as you are using it).

* - Turnkey development on your behalf

    We can develop components and sub-systems completely independently and deliver them to a fixed price and delivery date. For small-to-moderate sized components we would not need to interact with you during development, as the Methods and Properties would be agreed in advance and we simply develop, test, and deliver. Components like this would be COM compliant so they can run anywhere and be called from all languages supporting the Component Object Model.

For larger efforts requiring an actual Project, there are two options:

1. Interactive, iterative, time-boxed development (Agile style, though not formally "Agile"), Project Management.

Requirements are established by discussion and we will produce a project schedule that is timeboxed and iterative. (you evaluate what we deliver and can make changes until the timebox is up.) This ensures that what is delivered is what is required right now, and is our preferred option. It does require you to interact with us.

2. Traditional Waterfall style Project where you specify the requirements in detail and we deliver them to spec. In this case there is no need for regular interaction; we build what you specify, debug it and deliver it.

Both of the above options carry the same guarantee we put on all our work, and the payment can be phased against agreed milesones if the project is large. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay, once we have examined your specification and confirmed our quote. Barring force majeure, the deliverables will be delivered on the date we quoted or earlier if possible.