PRIMA Migration Toolset


PRIMA Computing, (NZ) Ltd is committed to supporting the refactoring of COBOL code into objects which can be used with modern software, in a modern networked environment. We understand the investment in COBOL and we realise that you need a technical strategy which does not force you to write off your current processing codebase.

The PRIMA Migration Toolset seeks to attain the following:

* - Salvage as much existing processing as can reasonably be re-used in the New Tech Environment.

Typically, ALL of the current Batch Processing can be converted to share the new data resource, COMPLETELY AUTOMATICALLY! SOME of the existing processes can be isolated and encapsulated for reuse in the New Tech environment.

* - Enable newly developed processes (maybe using new programming languages, but also with modern COBOL) to share the data resource with the legacy.

This eliminates the need for overnight Batch synchronization runs and it takes much of the pressure off having to do Conversion on a tight timescale; Legacy keeps running while new systems and enhancements are developed, with everything updating the same data resources.

* - AUTOMATE as much of the process as possible.

This eliminates error, as well as releasing valuable resources for application development instead of Migration. The PRIMA Tools can FULLY AUTOMATE the modernization of Legacy systems.

There are 3 options:
1. Do the conversion of data and code manually.
2. Use tools to either assist or completely convert your current flat files, and the code which accesses them.
3. Outsource the conversion and have it done for you.

PRIMA can assist with all 3 of these options.

AND our Toolset costs much less than what you would spend for your next "COBOL for .Net" compiler, which you don't need if you use the Toolset and gradually move off COBOL...

Our database creation tool analyses your existing indexed file structures and creates a NORMALIZED Relational Database, which is OPTIMIZED to deal with COBOL Group fields, REDEFINES, OCCURS etc.
You get a true, optimized Database with COBOL datatypes mapped to optimal DB datatypes (including dates) and not just an image of your COBOL data definition. This is NOT a "temporary repository for Migration"; it is intended to be a true data resource for both your Legacy and your future development.

Suddenly, your existing data assets are accessible to modern languages and scripts. Your existing systems continue to function as they always have, but now you have options (including continuing to use COBOL if you want to).

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To see details of the Toolset itself and the Tools that are part of it, please watch the two "5 cent tour" videos that describe both DATA conversion and CODE conversion.