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MEDEA - A simple package to administer clubs, groups, societies etc.

So often, when groups of people get together, there is an initial surge of enthusiasm and the group expands rapidly. Before too long, it isn't clear who is actually a member and who has paid a subscription. Nobody really wants to take on the role of Secretary, with legal responsibility for providing an audit trail of monies coming in and out, and reporting to the Committee on the financial standing of the group, so it falls to one or two stalwarts and is usually accomplished with pieces of paper in the form of receipts and reminders, sometimes even with a hand written ledger, or a spreadsheet on someone's computer.

MEDEA addresses this by providing a very simple solution that does not require a degree in Accountancy to understand, or a degree in Computer Science to operate (although we had such people check it during development). Here are the main points:

* - MEDEA uses a SINGLE SHARED Database.

In the early stages, when the number of people involved is small, this database can be resident on the Secretary's computer. If the post is relinquished, the Database is copied to the new Secretary's machine. As the numbers grow, the same database can be placed on a server and accessed remotely, from any location, by people who are authorized to access it. The President and Committee can browse for information, adminstrators can maintain existing information, creating, amending, and deleting data from the central repository. New devices like smart phones and tablets can access and enrol new members from all kinds of venues and locations.

(TECH NOTE: MEDEA uses MS Office Mail Merge to produce renewal notices, and, by default, the database used is MS Access. We can change this if required but there would be a charge for doing so.)

* - We can let you TRY MEDEA for a period of time or number of runs. It can be downloaded and installed easily from the Internet, and updates are fully automatic.

Contact us for a trial. We can also help you get your existing Membership records (hard copy or computer sensible) onto the MEDEA Database. You don't have to set it up by manually entering the people you have currently, although for small clubs that is a viable option.

* - MEDEA is AFFORDABLE! (For charities and small groups we may let you have it free...)

Generally, the price depends on the number of people you have in your Society, the nature and goals of your Society, and how much you charge for membership. A small poetry group with say 15 - 30 members would pay around $25 for MEDEA. This includes basic support and help from PRIMA. A Golf Club with over 100 members, might pay $200. These are prices for the basic package; advanced features may cost more. The price is intended to be fair and affordable.


* - Storage of Contact details for unlimited people ("Friends"). "Members" are a special class of "Friend"
* - Ability to Add, Change, and Delete Friends and promote Friends to Members.
* - Ability to have individual renewal dates based on when someone joined.
* - Ability to see an audit trail of all payments made by a Friend and the current status of anyone's account at any moment.
* - MEDEA can produce automatic renewal notices for any time period. (For example, "Which Members are due for renewal in the next week (or whatever period))?"
* - Ability to add free format notes to any account. It is possible to see who made the note and when it was made.
* - Ability to cater for different levels of Membership with different payment plans and methods of payment.
* - Updates to the software are free and automatic. You will need an internet connection to set MEDEA up and receive updates.

* - Remote database accessible over the Internet. It is accessible by laptops and desktop computers running MEDEA.
* - Remote database accessible over the Internet. It is accessible by ALL devices, inluding smart phones and tablets (which need a MEDEA app installed).

There is a short video showing MEDEA in use, here...

If you think MEDEA could be helpful for your club or society and would like to get a quote or organize a trial, please click here.