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The Lounge is really a "collect all" for the many thoughts and ideas that come up during the course of developing software. You will encounter a good variety of things from here, and not all of them are serious or even IT related.


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You can chat at the bar with anyone else who has also clicked this link. It is a disposable room and nothing is placed on your system. If you want to meet someone at the bar, tell them to access this page and click the link. You can make yourself available for chat while you browse the site, by clicking the link.

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Browse items of interest to software developers from the "newspapers" and "magazines" that we find useful. These periodicals are updated to the lounge regularly. Make your comments on the Blog or chatting at the Bar.

If you know of an electronic publication you'd like to see in the lounge, let us know.

This section of the Lounge is general purpose. For now, it will serve to provide information that could be of interest to Software Developers, Analysts, and Managers.