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Interactive Demo
Input a NEW ZEALAND address... Enter free format Address to test:

  • You may include Flats, Apts, etc. in your address.
  • You can use standard abbreviations for towns and streets.
  • Addresses are FREE FORMAT; you can have as many spaces between words, across as many lines, as you like. OR use ONE line to enter the address... (No Tabbing or Linebreaks)
  • You can use UPPER, lower, and MiXeD case.
  • You can input OLD and NEW postcodes as part of the address, but OLD codes need a Region or Locality because boundaries have changed.

Some examples (Copy and paste a line from below into box above):
58 5th ave tg
12 21st ave 3112
16 Scott st st kilda Dn
F105, Ngaio Marsh Retirement Village, 123 gt N rd Ak
c/o John Smith p o box 123 shortland st
The Wilsons McPhail's Rd RD 3 tga
Data output from the AVS engine... Address formatted in compliance with NZPO...
Address fields identified...
Street No
PO Box/Bag
Post Code

Tech stuff from the engine...
Return Code