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PRIMA's unique Modernization approach

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We are so firmly persuaded of LINQ's superiority over Embedded SQL that we will show you it with your own data.

We have opened the LINQ technology up to COBOL so that COBOL can use it.

Send us the items in the list below and we will return everything you need to run your own benchmark tests.

See for yourself how powerful this data access and manipulation technology is.


1. A COBOL application program that is using indexed files (up to 4 different ones within the program. We can accommodate ANY number but there will be a charge if there are more than 4).

2. The COBOL COPY books (SELECT and FD) for the indexed files used by the program.

3. A sample of each of the indexed files. (If you prefer not to do this we cannot test your POC, but we'll return all of the deliverables below anyway.)


(Please note: The returned Transformed application and the ESQL DAL Sources will be generated in Fujitsu COBOL.  You can send your source in ANY version of COBOL, but you may need to do some minor conversion on the returned sources if you are not using Fujitsu. If this is problematic (for example, your COBOL doesn't support OO, we can compile the Fujitsu sources and return you executables for your testing.)

1. A fully optimised SQL Server database (in Third Normal Form), that covers the indexed files in your POC. (There is a table set on the DB for each of the indexed files). If you sent us the data from point 3 above, we will return a LOADED database that has the indexed data on it.

2. Your COBOL application, transformed to use a Data Access Layer. ALL of the indexed COBOL IO is moved out of it and the procedural access is replaced with invokes of DAL object methods. There is NO CHANGE to the logic of the program; it sees what it has always seen and it processes as it has always processed.

3. The SOURCE (in COBOL) of the DAL objects, using Embedded SQL. There will be one DAL object for each of the original indexed datasets. (Yes, you could clone further DAL objects from these sources without using our tools, but we consider ESQL to be obsolete and have no problem with you doing that.)

4. Another set of DAL objects (as a series of .Net Assembly .DLLs) that have exactly the same method interfaces as the ESQL objects whose source you received above, but these ones use LINQ. The source for these is NOT provided.

BOTH sets of DAL objects can be used by the transformed application code, so it is possible to run identical test plans using both technologies. (Our own tests showed that, particularly for sequential and skip sequential access - forward and backwards - LINQ was up to 5 TIMES FASTER! This is probably because it uses result sets instead of SQL cursors... Try your own tests and let us know what happened.)

Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a general "data manipulation" technology. It addresses ANY form of data structure that can be enumerated. This can range from Databases (not just Relational...), through to XML files, and down to structures defined in memory. The syntax is simple, consistent, and it becomes an extension of the programming language (hence, "Language Integrated"). PRIMA will be making LINQ the standard DAL technology from April 2015, although we will continue to support ESQL and provide it if requested.

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